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Supporting the Village to
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We have entered a new political climate—one which brings unprecedented opportunity for transformative, systemic change for Indigenous peoples. In realizing First Nations inherent rights to self-determination and governance, a National First Nations ELCC Policy Framework builds upon the work and achievements of the last two decades. This is being accomplished by enhancing, expanding, and supporting innovation within existing Indigenous early learning and child care (IELCC) programs and supporting communities or regions where there are no programs and services, or where they are severely underfunded.

BCACCS has been authorized by the BC First Nations Leadership Council to be the coordinating body for the implementation of the national Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care (IELCC) Framework in BC.

This includes providing leadership, oversight and accountability for $8.9 million in new annual funding from Canada to support IELCC capacity development among BC First Nations and other Indigenous communities in BC.

Find out more about the IELCC Transformation Initiative funding and how your community can access it.

Areas of immediate need include: (1) increasing access for First Nations families; (2) enhancing the quality of ELCC services and supports; and (3) building capacity in the Indigenous ELCC sector.

This initiative is funded by the Government of Canada

Have questions about the Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework implementation and related funding opportunities? See our FAQs and info sheets for more detailed information.

Want to speak to someone directly? Call 604-913-9128 to be directed to the Regional Community Facilitator for your community or email


The Importance of Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care

In Indigenous terms, early learning and child care programs, services and supports are holistic, inclusive, flexible and accessible to all children birth to six years and their families. They put each Indigenous child’s needs and best interests first; ensure equitable and culturally grounded teaching; and reflect Indigenous knowledge in caring for and educating our children, and supporting our communities.

Applying for funding

Apply for Funding

Learn more about the funding opportunities and which streams are a good fit for your community needs by CLICKING HERE.

Through the IELCC Framework implementation, First Nations communities in BC have access to funding to create and/or support develop Indigenous early learning and child care programs.

To start the process, get in touch with one of our Regional Community Facilitators:

Interior – Lisa Fenton | 236-330-3589

Northern – Mary Disney | 778-266-9541

Northern – Tawni Davidson | 778-266-9531

Vancouver Coastal/Fraser Salish – Jeanne Leeson | 250-538-2429

Vancouver Island – Rachel West | 250-895-4058

If your community is already accessing funding and needs some support with the online application process, reach out to a regional representative or email

The Strategy

Three-year interim strategy

The IELCC Framework investment will be made over a 10-year period, with three phases rolling out between 2018 and 2021.

Phase I: Wage enhancement; community-driven quality review and planning; sectoral engagement

Phase II: Continued investment; new community-based service and capital funding opportunities; sector building and leadership development

Phase III: Continued investment and refinement of the IELCC investment strategy for BC

BCACCS Interim Investment Strategy Overview

The Impact

Total Investments as of March 31, 2022

Choose a link below to view past
IELCC Funding Reports and Summaries:

2020 – 2021  |  2019 – 2020  |  2018 – 2019

frequently asked questions

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS), through the Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework, is pleased to make available again the First Nations ECE Wage Enhancement (FNWE) funding for 2019/2020 and 2020-2021. Funding supports certified ECEs to bring them closer to the wage benchmarks determined by our research of ECE wages in First Nations ELCC programs across BC. It also includes an incentive amount to recognize the commitment of ECEs in undertaking certification, as well as an additional allowance for benefits. FNWE funding is distributed to Nations twice annually. Read the FAQ to find out more and review frequently asked questions.

FAQ – First Nations Early Childhood Educator Wage Enhancement Funding (2019-20 & 2020-21).

For most of the regions there is a designated Regional Community Facilitator. You can look above in the Apply for Funding box to find out contact details for your community representative.

In March 2018, First Nations received a $15,000 planning grant to support work needed for Nations to engage in a collaborative planning process focused on families with young children. Each Nation was encouraged to create a Statement of Readiness which outlined how this planning would be undertaken in their community. If you would like more information please contact your regional representative.

Yes absolutely, each funding opportunity provides funding for an identified “stream” in hopes to provide holistic funding.

The funding strategy is multi-year. The number of months you are funded for will depend on when you apply for funding. Contracts will provide funding until March of 2021.

Yes, if you apply for funds before March 2020 than you are able to carry those over.

Building or renovation funding can be applied for under our Minor Capital funding opportunity, which will be available soon. Ask your regional representative for more information.

In fall 2019, BCACCS will be releasing several streams of funding: Community-Led Development and Planning Funding, First Nations Wage Enhancement Funding, Minor Capital Funding, and Service Funding. Find out more about how to prepare for these upcoming funding opportunities and what they might be able to support in your community.

First Nations Early Learning and Childcare Upcoming Funding Opportunities Info Sheet

The Elder Involvement Grant was developed to support communities in enhancing the quality of early learning and child care (ELCC) programs through the involvement of Elders. The First Nations Wage Enhancement (FNWE) Grant was developed to enhance wages for certified Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) working in First Nations communities in licensed and un-licensed First Nations ELCC programs. This FAQ further describes how the monies were intended to be spent, deadlines, and reporting requirements.

FAQ: Elder Involvement in ELCC Grant & First Nations Wage Enhancement Grant

This $15,000 planning grant was sent to First Nations communities in BC in March 2019. It offers funding to support the work needed for Nations to engage in a collaborative planning and community development process focused on young children and their families. This FAQ describes the purpose of this grant, what it can be used for, spending deadlines, and reporting requirements.

FAQ – First Nations Early Learning And Child Care (ELCC) Community-led Development & Planning Grant