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Ages and Stages Questionnaires®: Social and Emotional (ASQ:SE-2)

The ASQ:SE-2 is another low-cost, reliable assessment tool that helps home visitors, educators, caregivers, parents and service providers to assess children’s social and emotional development. The seven key behavioural areas covered by this screening tool include: self-regulation, compliance, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect, social-communication, and interaction with people. Workshop participants will learn how to use the ASQ:SE-2 with families in their program and learn more about children’s social and emotional development.

Time: 3 hours (often paired with ASQ-3™ for 6 hours)

PLEASE NOTE that workshop participants do not receive the ASQ-SE-2 screening tool at the workshop; participants who decide (before or after taking the workshop) that they want to use the tool in their program must purchase the ASQ-SE-2 from Brookes Publishing. To find out more about the ASQ-SE-2 go to this link:

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