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Ages and Stages Questionnaires ® (ASQ-3™)

The ASQ-3™ is a low-cost, reliable assessment tool for screening infants and young children for developmental delays during the crucial first 5 years of life. The questionnaire covers five key developmental areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social. Workshop participants will learn how to use the ASQ-3™ screening tool with families in their program or community.

Time: 3 hours (often paired with ASQ:SE-2 for 6 hours)

PLEASE NOTE that workshop participants do not receive the ASQ-3™ screening tool at the workshop; participants who decide (before or after taking the workshop) that they want to use the tool in their program must purchase the ASQ-3™ from Brookes Publishing. To find out more about the ASQ-3™ go to this link:

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