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National First Nations Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Policy Framework – Draft

In BC, BCACCS was mandated by the First Nations leadership council as the lead agency for regional engagement, to develop and carry out this engagement process in seeking “input and direction from community leaders and key stakeholders regarding the values, principles and priorities to be included in the proposed National Indigenous ELCC framework from a BC perspective.” Link to 2016 leadership resolutions.

With partners in other indigenous organizations, and by the community voices they brought forward, BCACCS developed a First Nations ELCC engagement process and conducted it from March through July 2017. The “rollup” report on this process was completed in August and verified with participants in September. The regional rollup report then became a part of a rollup of all regional reports gathered together by the AFN ELCC working group from which to develop a National First Nations ELCC framework.

This system will provide choices for families and communities and ensure the optimal health and well-being of First Nations children and families, as the foundation of culturally-strong communities and First Nations governance and self-determination. This framework should be seen not as prescriptive.

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