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COVID-19 Emergency Funding for Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care

- Indoor Air Quality and Sanitization -



The BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS), through the Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Framework, is excited to announce that all eligible and interested First Nations and urban Indigenous ELCC programs will be provided with the following items and services to improve indoor air quality and sanitization in their ELCC spaces:

1. free-standing air purifiers
2. commercial-grade dishwasher
3. assessment of existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
4. upgrade, replacement, and/or installation of HVAC systems

To find out more, download the information sheet or scroll down to continue reading.

Contact information for Regional Community Facilitators can be found at the bottom of the page.

Why is this available?
It is important to us that children are growing and learning in the healthiest environment possible. We know that poor indoor air quality can have adverse effects on the health and well-being of young children, increasing the risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. With the ongoing pandemic and increasing wildfires across BC, improving the indoor air quality of ELCC spaces has become a growing priority. Ensuring proper ventilation with an effective HVAC system and improving filtration through the proper use of air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants, including COVID-19 and other virus-containing dust and aerosols, as well as capture the fine particles of wildfire smoke. Additionally, with the increased need for regular cleaning and sanitization during the pandemic, having a highly efficient dishwasher to thoroughly wash and sanitize dishes, toys, and other materials/equipment will help to keep children, families, Elders, and staff safe.

Who is eligible?
• First Nations in BC with ELCC programs
• Urban Indigenous ELCC programs (e.g., Aboriginal Friendship Centres, Head Start, Aboriginal Infant Development, Aboriginal Supported Child Development, Child Care)

Funding Information

What is available?
Eligible and interested First Nations and urban Indigenous ELCC programs will be provided with the following items/grants:
Free-standing air purifier(s). BCACCS is working with a supplier to arrange the purchase and shipment of an air purifier called Beyond Guardian Air to all eligible and interested programs. Programs will be asked to provide BCACCS with a floor plan of their ELCC space to confirm square footage and layout, which will determine how many units are provided.
$500 for the purchase of a desktop/floor air purifier. BCACCS will provide a grant for the purchase of an additional air purifier for small spaces (e.g. offices, bathrooms).
$5500 for the purchase, shipping, and installation of a commercial-grade dishwasher. This grant will enable programs to upgrade their existing dishwasher. Remote communities may also be eligible to receive additional funds to cover the increased costs of shipping to their locations.

Programs will also have the option to receive the following supplementary service:
HVAC assessment. A contractor will contact interested programs to assess their building’s existing HVAC system. Programs are asked to ensure that facilities staff are available to provide information regarding the age and condition of all HVAC equipment.

Based on the results of the HVAC assessment, some programs may be eligible to receive the following service:
Upgrade, replacement, and/or installation of HVAC system. BCACCS will provide a contractor to ensure that your program’s HVAC system/equipment is brought up to current standards. This work could include duct cleaning, maintenance, and/or other recommended upgrades, or the complete removal, replacement, and installation of the building’s HVAC system.

Request Process

What are the next steps?
BCACCS anticipates the following process and timeline for the roll out of this initiative.

Early November 2021
1. BCACCS will send an email to programs with information on the request process. This email will include:
      a. A request form to indicate which items/services you would like to receive; and
      b. A self-assessment checklist of your existing HVAC system/equipment.

Before the end of November 2021
2. Interested programs will respond to BCACCS with:
     a. A completed request form;
     b. A floor plan showing the square footage and layout of your ELCC space (if a dishwasher and/or HVAC assessment is requested, this should include the locations and sizes of the dishwasher, furnace room, and HVAC equipment);
     c. A completed self-assessment checklist of your program’s existing HVAC system/equipment (if an assessment is requested);
     d. Contact details for your facilities staff; and
     e. Information on shipping companies servicing your community/location.

December 2021/January 2022
3. BCACCS staff and/or contractors will review requests and follow up with programs to discuss next steps.

End of January/Early February 2022
4. Free-standing air purifiers will be shipped.
5. Grant cheques will be mailed.
6. Contractors will begin cleaning, maintenance, upgrades, replacements, and/or installations of HVAC systems.

When is the deadline to place my request?
The deadline to submit your request is November 30, 2021.

To receive a request form, get in touch with a Regional Community Facilitator:

Lisa Fenton
[email protected]

Mary Disney
[email protected]

Tawni Davidson
[email protected]

Rachel West
[email protected]

Jeanne Leeson
[email protected]

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