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Happy Library Month!


October is library month. More than just a place for books, the resources and education programs found at a library can promote cultural awareness and community engagement. Celebrate library month by borrowing our cultural kits and books. The BCACCS Resource Centre ensures that culturally informed and age-appropriate curriculum resources are made available to Indigenous children and their families, educators, and caregivers across the province. We do so by partnering with Child Care Resource & Referral Lending Libraries throughout BC, which host selections of our kits and books so that they are made accessible to as many educators and communities as possible.
Currently, nine cultural kits have been created on the topics of salmon, bear, eagle, raven, coyote, owl, canoe, drum, and cedar. In developing the kits, we chose to include a mix of resources to support teaching and learning from an Indigenous perspective, highlighting in particular the importance of our relationship to land and place. Kits include:

• Traditional stories and contemporary books produced by Indigenous writers, illustrators, publishers, and communities
• Accompanying felt stories, puppets, and templates that support storytelling in ways that respect cultural protocols and processes
• Playscapes, open-ended materials, dramatic play items, and manipulatives made of felted textiles, wood, and other natural and high quality materials
• Resource sheets that describe the topic’s significance to Indigenous communities, cultural protocols, and suggestions to encourage storytelling, learning from land, Elder involvement, and the teaching of Indigenous languages.

Individual kits can be combined with each other to create Indigenous oriented, place-based curriculum that shows how land, water, people, animals, and all living things are interconnected. The kits also act as a travelling, knowledge sharing resource. Educators are encouraged to share activity ideas or local resources relevant to the kit’s theme in the notebook or folder included in each kit. Write down your ideas or send us photos to share!

[Include some photos of the kits being used here]

For more details, to borrow a kit, or host a rotating collection, please contact the BCACCS Resource Centre at 604- 913-9128 or

Hoping to see a cultural kit on another topic? Let us know what you are looking for!

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