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On-line Registration and Conference Terms of Use

On-line Registration and Conference Terms of Use

In registering for this conference, you are stating you have read, and agree to bound by, the following Terms of Use. The attendee agrees that violation of the following Terms of Use can result in the suspension of the violator’s account, or cancellation of violator’s access, at the discretion of BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) staff, agents or volunteers.

Registering as an attendee means you agree that:

  1. You are of legal age.
  2. You will supply accurate registration information as required.
  3. That only the individual attendee identified by name in the registered account shall take part in the conference.

Training Considerations
The registrant agrees that:

4.They are voluntarily taking part in training, workshops or role-playing situations provided within this conference.

5.The registrant shall hold BCACCS and its employees, agents or volunteers blameless in case of accident, injury, illness or other negative result from applying or communicating any information presented.

Internet and Privacy Issues

The registrant understands and agrees that:

6.They fully understand that while BCACCS is making every effort to ensure a safe and secure online environment, security of communications through the Internet cannot be guaranteed.

7.The offices, project staff and web servers are physically located within the geographic borders of Canada, and as such fall under the Privacy Act and PIPEDA.

8.Confidential personal information should not be disclosed.  Such disclosure is made solely at the risk and responsibility of the registrant.  BCACCS its employees, agents or volunteers assume no responsibility for such disclosure, and shall be held blameless for any effects or repercussions from such disclosure.


The registrant agrees that:

9.All materials presented at the conference, including: audio lectures, electronic files, written text, glossaries and other original materials, are held in copyright by the presenter, all rights reserved.

10.No material appearing in a course, including: audio lectures, electronic files, written text, glossaries and other material, can or will be copied, saved or retransmitted without express permission the presenter


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