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Carrier Sekani Family Services – Spirit Bear Film

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The children’s book, "Spirit Bear and Children Make History," was written by Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director of First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. The Spirit Bear book has recently been made into an animated film and was recently showcased at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and will be screened online from Prince George this Saturday (October 3) at 3pm – just by clicking on the link below!
Spirit Bear was born in Carrier Sekani territory, and Carrier Sekani Family Services’ Executive Director Mary Teegee and BCACCS Board President is the voice of Mary the Bear in the movie. The FNCS partnered with CSFS and David Hodges from the N’we Jinan organization to develop a song for the Spirit Bear movie. Children from Carrier Sekani First Nations worked virtually (via zoom) and then in-person with David to develop the song lyrics and then record. What an experience for these kids - and staff! The song is proudly heard throughout the movie. #CSFS30YEARS

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