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Call for Presentations

The BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) invites you to submit workshop proposals for our 21st Annual Provincial Training Conference taking place on November 1-3, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel (7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC).

The deadline to submit is 4:00 PM on June 18, 2018

At BCACCS, a primary focus of our training and professional development events is to translate our culturally rich traditions into effective early childhood education and care (ECEC) programs and services. We believe that community involvement, leadership, and support are central to the healthy, holistic development of Aboriginal children. We seek to promote the capacity of ECE professionals to design and deliver programs and services that are immersed in our cultures and communities. Priority will be given to workshop proposals that reflect these values and relate to our conference theme.

2018 Conference Theme

Title: Our Time, Our Stories, Our Children

We are finally in a place and time where early learning and child care is at the forefront of political and
funding agendas across BC and Canada. The sector’s strong commitment to lifting up communities, families
and children has led us here.

Strong connections and lively collaborations are at the heart of providing rich, culturally relevant programs
for children, and families, and in empowering early years professional development opportunities for
educators. Our stories are shaping the future of Indigenous early learning and child care. They shape our view
of the world, help us experience the richness of our culture and language, teach us about our history and
through them deepen our relationships. In Indigenous early childhood settings we recognise the value of
immersing children in culture and language, and in sharing narratives—big, small, powerful, and playful—in
order to grow, teach, and learn. Workshops this year will encourage educators to explore what it means to
support the children and families that are the heart of our communities. To assist the little ones who are our
future leaders and will be, the carriers of our stories.

Conference Delegates

Early Childhood Educators ● Program Coordinators ● Family Involvement Workers ● Infant Development
Consultants ● Supported Child Care Consultants● Early Interventionists ● Researchers ● Policy Makers

Delegates look for workshops that:

  • Inspire the creation of enriched learning opportunities for young children,
  • Promote strategies for helping children feel comfortable and safe in their environments,
  • Share cultural activities that enhance the well-being of Indigenous children and their families, and
  • Assist in the leadership, management, delivery or creation of programs.

Workshops should encourage participants to create environments and curricula in their ECD programs to
achieve these goals. Suggested workshop themes include: Language and Culture, The Importance of Play, Supporting Children with Special Rights, Technology, Storytelling, Educator and Parent Relationship, Funding, Indigenous Knowledge, Leadership and Management, Responsive Curriculum, Traditional Foods, Caregiver Self-care and Personal Growth, Coping with Aggression, Program Space Design

Delegates always value hands on program planning experience, and practical tools, teachings, and resources
to take back to their programs.


Workshop sessions should be:

    • 1.5, 2, 3, or 5 hours in length;
    • designed for an adult audience and allow for interaction and questions;
    • designed for ECD professionals working with any one or more of the following age groups:
      infant/toddler, preschool (3 – 5 years) or primary school-age children (5 – 8 years);
  • suited for a minimum of 20 delegates (larger workshops are encouraged).

Workshop proposals will be reviewed and selected based on appropriateness and consistency with the
conference theme, timeliness of session topic, creativity of approach, and expertise of presenters.


Each session will get paid out at a rate of $90.00 an hour. Free attendance to workshops, refreshments, and
lunch are provided at conference on the day you present.

Cheques will be made out to the lead presenter if more than one presenter facilitates a workshop. Due to
budgetary considerations, it is not possible to offer remuneration or an honorarium or to waive normal
registration fees for additional presenters. Additional presenters will be expected to register and pay
appropriate conference registration fees if they wish to attend other workshops. Presenters are responsible
for all costs of their session. We gratefully appreciate community service support. If you do not require an
honorarium; please indicate that you decline payment in the form below.


BCACCS compensates for reasonable travel and accommodation costs. The Conference Director will contact
you and review this with you if your proposal is selected.

Selection of presenters and presentations is at the sole discretion
of the BCACCS Conference Committee.

Successful applicants will be notified on or before June 27, 2018.

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