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Curriculum Box Lending Form


Borrower Information:
* Date:
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Email:
Shipping Address:
* Street
* City
* Province
* Postal Code
Lending term for curriculum boxes is 15 working days. If required for a longer term, please call and extend.
* Shipping return date:
* Box name and number:
* Membership number:


I agree that I am personally responsible for returning in good condition all materials borrowed from the BCACCS Resource Centre. I further agree to exercise appropriate care to ensure against loss or damage of materials on loan, not to repair or tamper with said materials in any way, and to return materials within the due date, intact and in clean and usable condition.

By signing this agreement, I assume full responsibility for all videos and/or other materials checked out under my membership or as a guest borrower, and I agree to pay all overdue fees and/or replacement costs, plus an administrative fee of $10.00, for any video and other material lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear while on loan to me. As a borrower or guest borrower, I also assume full responsibility for all costs of returning loaned materials to BCACCS.

BCACCS will cover the costs of delivering the curriculum box(es) to the borrower, via courier or Canada Post, and I, the borrower, am responsible to arrange and pay for the return delivery of the curriculum box(es), via courier or Canada Post using a “door to door” service and insured with the courier or Canada Post for loss or damage in the amount of $500 per curriculum box.


You can also send your completed Order Form to:

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society
102 – 100 Park Royal South,
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2
Phone: 604-913-9128
Fax: 604-913-9129