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About BCACCS Resource Centre

Our Mission

The BCACCS Resource Centre strives to promote learning and information sharing among parents, child care students and professionals, educators, academics, researchers, policymakers and anyone working or interested in Aboriginal Early Childhood Development (AECD).  We do so by supporting the activities of BCACCS, anticipating and responding to the research, resource and information needs of our members, and keeping the AECD community informed of issues that impact the effective delivery of AECD programs and services.


Our Members

The Resource Centre lends materials free of charge to members throughout British Columbia. This service can be accessed in person, by mail, and online.  For members based outside British Columbia, every effort will be made to either locate an electronic version of the desired resource or arrange an interlibrary loan from the member’s local library.

Not a BCACCS member? No problem!


Our Collection

Our collection is focused on materials with Aboriginal content and includes:

  • curriculum development & teaching materials

  • children’s stories & toys

  • child care administration & management resources

  • funding, regulations and licensing tools

  • child care worker training and certification materials

  • books, articles, reports, multimedia materials and online resources on topics such as literacy & language development, special needs, healing & wellness, culturally-appropriate programming and much more!


Any Ideas?

We are always looking for new books and other resources to include in our collection, especially locally written (from BC) and illustrated publications. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us.


Contact our librarian:
Pepper Brewster
(604) 913-9128 ext. 229
Resource Centre Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am to 4:30 pm